1. Select FreeHotSpot network

A client chooses a network named FreeHotSpot from the list of networks available in your place.

2. Accept terms and conditions

In order to use free internet we require our customers to accept terms and conditions.

3. Enjoy free Wi-Fi in our spot and remember to pay it back in orders :-)

After accepting terms and conditions, the client can use free Internet for as long as you decide. You can interrupt with reminders to make an order even every 30 minutes ;-)

Advertisement is shown to Visitors using FreeHotSpot based on the type of device

The client can use the Internet for 30 minutes or till you use 25 MB of data. After exhaustion of the limits – displays the next announcements, etc.

Dedicated advertisements

Each user of FreeHotSpot in a given location is marked with a special digital marker, thanks to which they can be found on the Web and shown a dedicated advertisement.